Who I Am

It all started in 1989 with a little revenge. That's right, I said a little revenge.That's when our first product REVENGE Toilet Paper was launched and Eyecatcher Gifts was born. REVENGE Toilet Paper is the only toilet paper that will NOT tear or rip by any average adult. Since that day we have made thousands of people laugh or get even. As the cliché says " Don't get mad get REVENGE". We create or find products that contain the WOW factor. By that I mean, each customer should react with a smile or say WOW when seeing our products. Eyecatcher Gifts is just that, EYECATCHER GIFTS.

We evolved from giftshop, to mailorder, to e-commerce. In addition we help guide inventors, innovators with answers if requested via e-mail or through showcase opportunities. We invite you to submit suggestions, product ideas you would like us to carry or comments any time . Our on-line shop is an ongoing creation, changing with our customers needs and desires. Please visit us often. Our Inventors forum is open to all eager to learn. Go to:


Again, welcome to Eyecatcher Gifts !!!

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